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Is Attention Deficit Disorder Ruining Your Marriage?

Is attention deficit disorder ruining your marriage?

When you get married, you’ll likely believe that you’ll be able to overcome any challenges that you face together, because you’re a team. The sad reality is that the dynamic between married couples can change significantly over time. As a result, the pair may not feel like a team any longer. Tragically, it may become the case that the biggest threat to the marriage is not external forces, but each other.

Behavioral diagnoses such as attention deficit disorder (ADHA or ADD) can lead to problems in a marriage further down the line. If you or your spouse has been diagnosed with ADD or you believe that you or they have the condition but have not been diagnosed, it’s likely that it’s affecting your marriage. The following article is an overview of how ADD can affect relationships, and how these issues can potentially be overcome.

How does ADD affect relationships?

Those with even mild forms of ADD have difficulty concentrating on certain things. This usually means that they are much less attentive in relationships than most. While this may not be an issue in the early stages of a relationship, it can become a big problem when the ADD sufferer has children. They can have problems with giving children the time and patience they need, and they may also fall short of giving their spouse time and attention when they need it the most. This can pose problems when either spouse faces challenges and needs to talk issues through with their other half.

How can these marital issues be overcome?

Often, the best thing for spouses going through issues due to ADD is a diagnosis. Once a person is diagnosed, they can get the help they need through therapy and medication. It can also help spouses to relieve themselves of built-up anger and resentment. The spouse of the person with ADD may more easily be able to separate the idea of their partner and their ADD, meaning that they can continue in their relationship and overcome this challenge.

If ADD has become a problem in your marriage, you may be considering filing for divorce. Before you take action to file, make sure that you have a good divorce strategy in place.

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