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Lawyers serving Bedford, TX and surrounding communities

Experienced Attorney Assisting Clients Throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

At Hargrave Law, PC, we help Texas clients with divorce, family law, probate, real estate and personal injury matters. Our attorneys are focused on helping you and your family find a solution that actually addresses your legal problems. They will ensure that you understand the process in your case, and help you make decisions that will lead to a more positive future. To schedule a completely confidential, no commitment initial consultation, please call our Bedford law office or reach out to us directly online.

An Overview of Legal Services We Offer in North Texas

For more than two decades, Hargrave Law has been helping clients understand their rights and solve their problems. Based in Bedford, TX, our firm is well positioned to serve communities throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. We provide personalized, attentive representation to individuals and families across a wide range of legal matters. Our core practice areas include:

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