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Will An Alternative Custody Arrangement Work For You?

Will an alternative custody arrangement work for you?

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding custody arrangements. Many people may think that the standard for custody is that mothers get custody during the week and fathers take weekends, always. Even joint custody or equal parenting time comes with stereotypes and perceptions.

However, like with many other aspects of life, parenting arrangements are modernizing. Many parents are coming up with unconventional, alternative parenting situations that best benefit their children.

How does this help?

Creating a customized and unique parenting agreement can have a lot of benefits. Some traditional plans can be restricting not only to the parents but the children. A specialized plan can give parents more time to spend with their children and can better accommodate the children’s schedule.

Plans can work around parent’s work schedules and children’s school and activity schedules. Some plans can even work to maintain children’s lives and minimize the how disruptive joint custody can be.

Alternative custody plan examples

Some people have created completely customized plans for parenting after a divorce. If you work with your ex, and both attorneys, it is possible to create a unique plan that is customized to each person’s schedule. However, there are a few more common alternatives that have become popular in recent years such as nesting and co-habitation.

Discussing your situation with your ex and a family law attorney may help you better understand which type of parenting arrangement will work best for you and your kids. While sometimes more traditional custody arrangements work for families, it may be more beneficial to explore an alternative option.

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